Salary & Employer Review

Thanks for contributing to Australia's most comprehensive and up to date Salary Survey and Employer Review and helping to shape the future of the Australian Retail Property Industry!

There is no doubt salaries and employer sentiment have shifted in the wake of COVID-19 and while salaries have increased and employer working conditions have arguably improved, the cost of living crisis and the lack of tangible and overarching industry data reflecting what the shift in salaries actually means is still very unclear. This is about to change.

As one of Australia's leading property recruitment consultancies, using our national network of thousands of retail property industry professionals, Property Network of Australia is embarking on delivering the most detailed and comprehensive salary survey the Australian Retail Property market has ever seen.

PNA will shine a light on market trends for salaries across both centre-based and head office job categories as well employer types and locations across Australia. Using both qualitative and quantitative survey methods, our unique data will be presented via interactive dashboards, accessible to employees and employers alike, providing current salary and employee benefits and sentiment information, offering the first highly detailed overview of Retail Property Industry salary information since the COVID-19 pandemic totally reshaped the global employment market!

View online dashboards to understand:

  • How your salary compares to similar job titles at similar sized centres
  • How your salary may differ based upon simply your employer, or employer type!
  • How your job location may have a significant factor on what you are paid
  • The difference in pay across Regional versus Metropolitan locations
  • Whether your role typically pays a bonus (or not) and also how much
  • What your salary pathway might look like based upon your tenure within your role and the industry in general.

And lots more.....